lundi 17 septembre 2007

The mystery of Parisian merde

Paris is a very chien-friendly city. People here can take their dogs into stores, banks, and restaurants (and, we dare say, the dogs understand more French than we do). Parisians seem to prefer small breeds, like yorkies, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, lahsa apsos, and even the stereotypical poodle. And no wonder, considering that the size of the typical Parisian apartment is about the size of a California closet.

Although we both love dogs, we dont' like stepping into merde. Sadly, there are no "poop and scoop" laws in these parts. Some neighborhoods have posted signs stating, J'aime mon quartier, je ramasse (I love my neighborhood, I clean up), like the one below. Most Parisians, however, seem to barely notice these signs exist. Indeed, Parisians pay about as much attention to these signs as CDG customs officials pay to "tourists" bringing their entire household into the country in oversized suitcases.

Walking around the city, though, we've noticed a strange phenomenon: despite the small size of dogs here, these itty bitty dogs have enormous crottes! Can someone explain the following to us?


2 commentaires:

Jennifer a dit…

It must be all the fromage.... I'm excited you two got the blog started, and can't wait to follow along with all your adventures! By the way, with the apartment choices, did I see that one of them has a balcony??? :)

makietdiego a dit…

The one you are thinking of in the pictures does not have a balcony (it just looks that way from the railing in front of the window). But, the one we signed for does have a balcony. Granted, the balcony is so small I'm not even sure if Diego and I can both stand in it at the same time).