vendredi 14 septembre 2007

Ecosse 1 France 0

We're in the middle of a sporting bonanza here in Paris. The Rugby World Cup is going on, having brought some remarkably well behaved rugger fans from around the world. It hasn't caused nearly as much excitement as the soccer match between Scotland and France the night before last. It seems like the entire male population of Caledonia descended upon Paris to cheer their team on. I have been in Scotland before, but never have I seen so many kilts and tartans as I have in Paris over the last few days. The bottom of the Eiffel tower seems to have been ground zero for the Pictish invasion:

It's clear that these lads believe that you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning. Oh, and I want to be the importer of Timberland shoes in Scotland, as they seem to have become a part of the traditional tribal costume by now.

But hey, at least those unruly Pictish hordes have some spirit, and they know how to kick back and have some fun. Which leads me to wonder, where are all the French fans?? From the proportion of fans on the streets the past couple of days, anybody would have thought Scotland was playing Equatorial Guinea. Do the French not care whether their team wins or loses? Or are they too buttoned up to sing and cheer on the streets?


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