lundi 10 septembre 2007

Apartment search

We've spent two long and tiring days looking at apartments. We saw roughly 20 apartments in different parts of the city, mostly concentrating our search in the 9th 10th and 18th arrondissements. We were accompanied the whole time by our agent, and at each apartment had to meet up with the landlord's agent, so don't let it be said that French real-estate agents don't work hard for their living.

Most of the apartments we saw were charming turn-of-the century apartments with wooden floors and some even with fireplaces. We also saw some more modern ones with cheap wall-to-wall carpeting, but we figure if we're living in Paris we might as well live Parisian style.

We've narrowed down our favorites to three:

Mont Cenis living room

Rue Lamarck Living room


Even though the last one is a bit out in the suburbs, it is our favorite of the three because it has lots of mirrors, plenty of closet space and a nice view over a park with fountains. We heard a rumor, however, that the previous occupants were beheaded by a mob, so we're a little concerned about the safety of the neighborhood.

(Y para los que entienden de estas cosas: que conste que en el Versailles de Paris no hay ni arroz moro, ni café con leche, ni pastelitos de guayaba)

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