dimanche 16 mars 2008

oh sweet, sweet Euros

All right, so for all my friends who aren't in on the good news: I (Diego) have officially found and begun my first Parisian job. Now given all the horror stories out there about people who get canned because they blog about their jobs, I'm not going to make any wry observations or snarky comments about my job here (even though I would have so much delicious material to work with!). So I'll just leave it at the following:

1) I have 7 weeks of paid annual leave and you don't, beeotch! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Don't hate me when I send you a postcard from some tropical beach to your grim and poorly lit cubicle. Hey, what can I say? It's good to work in France. I really don't feel I've gloated enough. I want to gloat some more, only it's very hard to gloat on the internet, but I'll try. Here goes: gloat, gloat, gloat, gloat. 35 working days. For real. I shit ye not. I'm being seriously serious. and that doesn't even include bank holidays.

2) I'm earning Euros. It doesn't even matter how many, I can finally stop making the conversion in my head every time I walk into a shop. With the ever diminishing value of the dollar, this turns every trip to the grocery store or the cafe into an excruciating experience. Now I can finally order a $10 beer at the local watering hole and think "that's not such a bad price". Pity Maki, she is still earning the Bushlandian pesos, which makes her an even poorer creature in this town than a Canadian, and that's pretty damn low ;-P The other side of this is that next time we visit the States, I'll probably be able to afford to buy a few indentured servants to bring back with me. We'll be raiding the Dolphin Mall like Venezuelans with a PDVSA contract. Before moving out here, Maki and I joked around that I would end up finding a job flipping burgers at McDonalds and that soon enough I'd be earning more Euros than her with her glamorous legal job. I'm beginning to wonder if it will actually come to that. In the meantime, maybe if I flash around my Euros, I'll get all da honeyz and the bling-bling just like Jay-Z.(follow link to see article)

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